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The GoldGrove Pet Resort provides training for beginner and advanced dog handlers, and for those who compete in the American Kennel Club trials.

There is an indoor obedience facility, professional seminars, and an agility course and training.

The indoor training area is lined with a ring, and houses jumps and obedience equipment. Not only does it have bar jumps, there are also high jumps and the broad jumps.

Half-inch rubber matting inside the ring helps to protect the animal’s body from the cement floor during training exercises.

Large mirrors line one wall in the training area so handlers and exhibitors can preview their reflections as they learn various techniques.

Goldgrove Kennels, is known worldwide for its champion Dobermans. In the past 12 years, their Dobermans have finished in the top 11th in the country, meaning, in the dog show circuit, it has one of the top 20 dogs in the United States.